IC开封仪器 ELITE ETCH Automated Dual Acid Decapsulator

IC开封仪广泛应用于实验室、质检部,用来检查芯片(IC)内部的故障结构,现也广泛应用于FPD(Flat Panel Display 平面显示器)等电子行业。


- Single piece Silicon Carbide etch head/etch plate
- Accurate Temperature Control
- Real time etch time adjustment
- Real time acid mixing
- High maximum etch temperature
- Post etch cooling of waste acids permitting safe use of a single waste bottle
- Separate, hand held controller for remote operation
- Automatic bottle sealing
- Large etch head
- Low contained volumes of acid
- SEMI S2000 and CE Mark conformance


- Consistently reproducible results
- High sample throughput for maximum productivity
- Fast temperature rise and cool times
- Fast etch times
- Wide range of package decapsulation 
- Controllable re-etching capabilities via real time etching period adjustment
- Reduced fume generation 
- Wide range of operating temperatures


Dimensions - (W x D x H)
Decapsulator 7.5 x 12.5 x 12 inch (190 x 318 x 305 mm)
Bottle Assembly 10 x 5 x 11 inch (254 x127 x 279 mm)
Weight approx. 35 lbs.(16 Kg)
Power Source 90~250 VAC
Acid temp. range 20~250℃
Acid temp. set point 1.0℃ ± 0.1℃
Etch cavity (up to) 22 x 22 mm
Choice of acid selection fuming sulfuric acid
fuming nitric acids
mixed acids
NOTE: All mix ratios are dynamically prepared within pumping assembly
Acid mix ratios (nitric to sulfuric ratios) 9:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1
Post etch rinse options fuming sulfuric acid
fuming nitiric acid
mixed acids
no rinse
NOTE: Acid rinse temperature setttings are automatically calibrated
to optimum etch temperatures.
Etch times 1 to 1,800 seconds (1 sec. increments)
Dynamic (real time) adjustment of etch time
Etch modalities Pulse Etch, Reciprocal Etch Acid Pulse (REAP)
NOTE: REAP is a superior approach to maximizing the carrying capacity for the etch acid(s) within the package volume. It allows superior etch characteristics when nitric acid or mixed acids are selected.
Etch temperature ranges 20 to 90℃ (nitric acid)
20 to 250℃ (sulfuric acid)
20 to 100℃ (mixed acids)
Etchant acid volume selection 1 to 6 ml. per minute for all acids and acid mixes
Operator program storage 100 programs stored to nonvolatile memory
Software upgrades via RS 232 computer link
EMO Emergency Power Off switch
Etch head safety over temperature sensor circuitry
Leak detection sensors in Decapsulator Body
in Bottle Box Assembly
Secondary containment True Secondary Containment
Acid fume reduction Waste acid heat exchanger to minimize acid fuming
RoHS, CE Certification, SEMI S-2 93,SEMI S-2 2000
All parts are warranted for a period of twelve(12) months to be free of defects in material and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions and when recommended preventative maintenance is properly performed.

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