Dage 4000 Series

       A proven market leader in Bondtesting Technology,Dage Series 4000 provides a modular design concept that gives configuration flexibility resulting in a cost-effective system that can be used for dedicated application s or multi-purpose environments as required.Its many applications includes Wire Pull,Ball Shear, Tweezer Pull,Cold Bump Pull and to the highly specialized applications like Stud Pull etc.

       作为拉力测试技术的市场领导者,Dage4000系列创立的模块设计理念让配置更灵活,从而使之成为单一或多功能应用都具很高性价比的系统。具体应用包括:wire pull, ball shear, tweezer pul,cold bump pull 和更专业的stud pull 等等。

Dage 5000 Series

       The Industry's First Ultra Fine Pitch Bondtester,Testing at 50u and Below ,Dage Precision Industries introduces the Series 5000 Bondtester specifically designed to meet the demands of testing ultra fine pitch(UFP)wire bonded devices.

       The Series 5000 is an evolutionary advance from Dage’s industry leading Series 4000 Bondtester,the Series 5000 will include a number of major advances such as leading edge optical systems to help the operators align and trade the bonds,ultra low force transducer system and unique shear and pull tooling to minimize lead and ball damage.

       5000系列是行业内首台超细间距的拉力测试仪。 DAGE 精密工业推出的5000系列主要针对满足测试超细间距(UFP)焊线器件的要求。 5000系列可以测试间距50u甚至更低,这是领先4000系列的主要革新,其他还有引用光学系统帮助操作人对准和测试焊点,超小感应力的传感器和独特的测试工具使对器件的损害降到最低。

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