DAGE X-ray System

Dage x-ray systems have been specifically and ergonomically designed for the critical and demanding test and inspection requirements of the printed circuit board (PCB) and semiconductor industries. The superior x-ray image quality and automated inspection that Dage provides as standard is achieved through the easiest to use operator interface in the industry. X-ray tube resolution can be provided at the microfocus or sub-micron ('nano-focus') levels.
All together, these capabilities are used for non-destructive, real time failure analysis and process quality control, especially for tin/lead and lead-free components that have optically hidden solder joints, such as Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs), flip chips and other chip scale packages.

DAGE X光测试仪设计满足PCB和半导体工业的增长需求,用户可以轻松获取高质量、高放大倍数和高分辨率下的被测物任何方位的图像。由于采用开管(Open Tube)技术,在放大倍数方面远远超过了采用闭管(Closed Tube)技术的X光检测仪达到亚微米级,能满足客户更高精度的需求。
观察右下方的照片,你可以对该仪器在PCB和半导体行业的应用有一个大概的了解。在对物体需要进行几百甚至几千倍的放大观察时, 你一定需要该机器的协助!在制造业向生产更精巧,更密集的方向发展时,该仪器就显得必不可少,进一步的具体应用,请与我们联络!
XiDAT Digital X-ray Sub-Micron XD7600
亚微米级X光测试仪 XD7600

- XiDAT - X-ray integrated Digital Acquisition Technology
- X光综合数字捕捉技术
- 70° oblique angle views
- 70°倾角观察
- Sub-micron resolution and active x-ray image stabilisation
- 亚微米级观察和动态的X光图像稳定系统

XiDAT - X-ray integrated Digital Acquisition Technology

X-ray inspection is recognised as a vital step in the test regime of the PCB and semiconductor industries. Fault finding on current package designs is extremely demanding so X-ray systems must provide, as a minimum, high resolution, high magnification and high contrast X-ray images, at the largest and different angular views. Fast inspection throughput and user-friendliness are also essential when specifying an X-ray system. Dage’s XD7600 XiDAT X-ray system exceeds these requirements with its Dage Version 11 ‘Image Wizard’ software, sub-micron feature recognition, automated inspection, active vibration isolation, video capture, the most user-friendly operating system on the market and much, much more. By providing highly improved digital real-time x-ray images, enhanced resolution, extensive greyscale definition and oblique angle views of up to 70° , all as standard, new levels for the best investigation of joint quality can be assured.

XiDAT - X光综合数字捕捉技术

DAGE XD7600 XiDAT系列X光机安装的软件版本为具有图像引导功能的DAGE11。该软件使用方便,具有进行亚微米级的观察、自动检测、动态的波动分离、图像抓拍、最友好的用户界面等优势。
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